Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Fashion Film Festival Chicago Winning Submissions

The following are the finalists in this year's film festival and competition. 
Click on the image to enjoy the selection.

Director: Josh Brandao


Director: Bruno Carvalho

Styling: David Catalán
Assistents: Joana Domingues / Bruno S Carvalho
Models: Andrei Dubceac / Ricardo Barbosa
Make Up: Ana Alves


Director: The Kene

Soundtrack: SkweiRd 
Photography: FT Studios
Studio/Lighting: Impulse Media
Make Up: Aina Davies
Michael Umoudit
Sandra Duru
Jesse Iyoha
Ada Iloabachie
Amaka Oguike
Joyce Okoye
Styling Assistant: Caleb Mosby
Studio Assistant:Cleopas Ebi
Art Director: Ifeanyi Nwune


Director: Alejandro Melero


Director: Hayley MacFarlane

James Woods - Producer 
Kurt Riddell - Cinematographer 
Samantha Pearce - Actress/ model


Producer/Director: Glen MacKay

Co-producer: Pia Cabble 
Director of Photography: Verdy Oliver 


viewing password: hydepark

Director: Jaime Schirmer

Concept: Claudia McDade
Fashion Designer: Louise Player
Actress: Victoria Emslie
MUA/Hair: Stephanie Snowball
Location: The Grand Royale at Hyde Park
Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky (licensed at