Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion Film Festival Favorites 2013

The following four fashion videos were among the most interesting, creative and fun submissions this year. Enjoy!

Milo - The Fashion Photographer
Tim Armstrong

"A strong theme of fashion is the photography that enables the exposure of the works to be seen by all. We have taken the idea of fashion photography and developed a comedic, hipster photographer named Milo".Tim Armstrong

Grow into the Brand

Sophia Bruza

"I work at a small local boutique called Pink Pump in Royal Oak Michigan. We recently opened up a sister store, called P2. The concept for P2 was a more affordable store for a girl on a budget. We quickly realized that the store P2 attracted a younger market of girls, while Pink Pump attracted mostly women. I came up with the concept of "Growing into the Brand." A young, P2 girl can get all she wants at P2 at a small price. 4 years later, she "graduates" to become a Pink Pump girl; A sophisticated career woman who can afford to splurge at Pink Pump. Hence, the two actresses grew into the Pink Pump brand. I hope you enjoy!" Sophia Bruza

Detective Barbie: Thrifter of Disguise

Laura Gladfelter, Charles Snyder, Laura Sorg

"I believe fashion is for everyone, not just those that can afford designer labels. Thrift stores are so much fun because they are affordable and have unique pieces. Runway looks are often just a remodel of a previous trend - trends that stock the shelves at thrift stores. Buying thrifted clothing is also great for the environment!" Laura Gladfelter

Mother of 10/ Costume Designer
Nick Lang

"This mother of 10 has been making her daughters clothes since they were young and now she designs the costumes for her local middle school."  Nick Lang